Friday, April 24, 2009

Look mom my tooth is gone.

Oh my baby is growing up, she just lost her first tooth. That tooth had been loose for quite a while. Her permanent teeth are starting to come in so, Jutstin thought it was time to get it out. They started about 10:15, Justin started with lassoing the tooth with dental floss. It was now around 11:00 and still nothing, the tooth did not want to come out. Not wanting to give up he kept telling her it's almost out, just one more wiggle. Well there was alot more wiggles to be done and finally yea it's out. She was such a trooper too. She was so excited. We put her tooth under her pillow and the tooth fairy did pay Alli a visit last night. She keeps asking me how did the tooth fairy get my tooth, and I told her she very quietly takes it from underneath your pillow. She says it's magic.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat

About a month ago I purchased the girls halloween costumes from Old Navy. They were so cute and I knew they would be warm. I grabbed a 18-24 months and a 2/3t for Kylee to try on and a 4/5t for Alli, so to the dressing room we went, the 18/24 months worked for Kylee and of course the 4/5t worked for Alli. I left them in the bag so it would be out of sight out of mind for the girls. Okay halloween night and it was time to get ready I grab the bag and pull the costumes out. I thought the biggest one looked kind of small, I looked at the tag 2/3t great, somehow I got that one instead of the 4/5t I needed for Alli. Panic time it was 1 hour before we were suppose to leave, anyway long story short I happen to have an old cheerleading costume that I had gotten for her 2 years ago it was a little small but not bad and she was so excited about it, it all worked out. Brayden decided to be a hunter instead of a football player. To prepare he went out to what we call the "hunting room" in the garage, for about an hour he was going through his dad's hunting stuff he did a really good job I thought.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Night Lights

We were outside this evening just having some fun family time. I realized when I took this picture I haven't written anything about Brayden. This is the perfect opportunity. Brayden is very much a football fanatic and lately every time I take his picture he says "mom this is the Heisman trophy pose" and he posed for me, he has done it so many times now I finally took the hint that he probably wanted his picture taken like that.
He takes his work so seriously

Bound for the Clinique makeup counter

I can't believe I'm posting this but I thought it was so funny. My girls were so bored friday night and Alli was begging me "mom can we do your makeup please?" and I kept telling her "no" after being asked " why can't I do your makeup?" I did not have a good reply so I decided to give in. The girls just went for it Alli would ask what certain things were for and then she would do her best to apply it correctly and she did such a wonderful job as you can see. Kylee just kept putting loads of powder on my face. So it was time to wash my face the soap was literally light brown from all the powder makeup that Kylee had so lovingly applied. It was actually really fun the girls had a blast and that is all that matters.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkin Patch here we come!

We had such a busy day planned. We had a rough start to the day we were late like we always are. I had to drop Brayden off in town to meet his other football teammates for a movie, so he wasn't able to go with us which was a bummer. After getting Brayden settled off the girls and I went to meet my sister and Casey (a friend) and all the kids to the pumpkin farm. Kylee was screaming in her seat she wanted out Alli kept asking "Are we there yet, you said it wasn't this far." By the time we got there Kylee was asleep, so obviously I had to wake her up she wasn't to happy. Kids, coats and cameras, we were finally ready to go hunting for a pumpkin and to have a little fun on the way. It was very eventful looking for a pumpkin. Alli found hers right away and Kylee just walked around in a mood because she kept getting stuck in all the mud. We had so much fun and the girls were so tired out, obviously this picture speeks for itself. Kylee fell asleep eating an airhead candy and it stuck on her face, lovely I know.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

She has Bangs!

Today I took my baby to a Beauty salon. I had decided she needed bangs they were litterally in her face she looked like a sheep dog. She was doing so good and then she realized hhhhmmm there is this lady in my face cutting my hair and there is little pieces of hair going up my nose and I don't like it. Then she let out a little cry she was done, no more, so Alli ran out to the car and got her, her "be" and she held sissy's hand and then she was good. She looks like such a big girl now, except for the binki, but we will get there.

So Here Goes

My sister Lissa told me I needed to start a blog, I was really hesitant. I was thinking about it and I thought that is just to much. Well obviously I thought I would try it so here goes......