Friday, April 24, 2009

Look mom my tooth is gone.

Oh my baby is growing up, she just lost her first tooth. That tooth had been loose for quite a while. Her permanent teeth are starting to come in so, Jutstin thought it was time to get it out. They started about 10:15, Justin started with lassoing the tooth with dental floss. It was now around 11:00 and still nothing, the tooth did not want to come out. Not wanting to give up he kept telling her it's almost out, just one more wiggle. Well there was alot more wiggles to be done and finally yea it's out. She was such a trooper too. She was so excited. We put her tooth under her pillow and the tooth fairy did pay Alli a visit last night. She keeps asking me how did the tooth fairy get my tooth, and I told her she very quietly takes it from underneath your pillow. She says it's magic.


Cathy Bloom said...

she looks so cute showing that off!

Diedre said...

Oh my gosh! You posted! yeah!

Charity said...

Wow, I am just as excited that you finally posted something new....I am so glad that she was brave, it's not fun when they are boobers about it. :0)

Love Ya,